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Blogathon : Day 05 of 9 Days of Womanhood

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Jinal Gada for introducing me. I loved her blog on the prompt for today - check it out on

Prompt for the Day : Delivery and My Baby

Wow... so the prompt was enough to give me shivers for mine was an emergency cesarean delivery and what followed wasn't pretty either - but yes, I am going to talk about it - let it flow and then maybe, just maybe, it will stop causing me this much pain, every time I think of those fifteen days...

Flashback : 2nd July 2015

The husband and I were talking and he said, so I am coming home this weekend but I can't take an extended break
Me - why?
Him - because the boss's wife just delivered a baby girl and I will not get any leaves
Me - ha we won't need any, not for at least another fifteen days and then hopefully not for another fifteen days after that either
(My due date was 10th August - little did we know, what was in store for us)

Weekend came, so did the husband. And Shlok while still inside me, would usually be active during the evenings - so I really used to look forward to those few hours of evening after my afternoon siesta.

That Sunday on 5th July was no different, waking up in the evening, I just laid there on the bed, excitedly waiting for the little bundle of joy to wake up and start kicking. But no such thing happened - minutes turned into half an hour and I started worrying, only slightly because he had given me a scare few times before that as well. And when half hour turned into an hour, I knew I had to call my doctor.

She asked me to go for a check at the hospital. Now the husband leaves on Sunday nights, so he just packed his bag and put it in car too, to head to the railway station after my check-up - that's how confident we were that as before, the little ones one fooling around with us and would start jumping any minute.

But he had decided to come out, he was done fooling inside. Nothing
worked to make him move - and the doctor decided to put me under the knife. We were rushed to a different hospital with better facilities, because I hadn't yet reached my full term and that meant there could be trouble.

That day, I wasn't worried about the procedure but I was worried for my unborn child. From the moment that I was rolled into OT I was on auto-pilot chanting the mahamrityunjay jaap for the safety of my child. And I stopped only after I heard him cry and knew that he was okay. My son was born at a 23:23

But the happiness was short-lived. For once I was settled into the room, they told me that he had gone into trauma after his first cry. He revived but they wanted to keep him under observation in the NICU for 24 hours... and even before 24 hours were over, we knew something was not right - three doctors pouring over him since nine in the night with worried expressions and before long they had started poking holes in his tiny body - he was on ventilator even before he completed 24 hours outside of and I still hadn't seen him or held him.

Finally on 7th morning I was told that I could visit him. But the ordeal was far from over. My baby spent 5 days on a life support and then another 5 days in an oxygen rich bell - but I knew he was getting better. And this fact alone gave me the strength to survive those days. It was another few days before we were discharged and today, it's more than two years to those fateful days, yet I can't think about that time without my eyes brimming with tears

And that is my birthing story. If you haven't already read the post I wrote on my son's three month birthday, check it out here. Also after this time I spent in hospital, away from him, not even being able to hold him, I have breast-fed my son for two years - to know more about my views on breastfeeding, check out this blog post.

Also don't forget to hop on to Penelope Braganza 's blog to read her beautiful story on today's prompt.


  1. Aww khyati must have been horrid but the little one is a fighter !! Much love to him. Love the name Shlok 💞

  2. Such a powerful story. Kudos to u for handling such a traumatic experience. It only made u stronger.

    1. Thank you Penelope, it was very difficult at that time.

  3. Such a brace brought me tears as well.. hats off to brace mumma n baby.. hope baby is doing fine now and great to know you breastfed hom for 2 years.. it's incredible and most fortunate for both of you .. wish u both a healthy n happy life ahead!..

    1. Thank you Gagandeep. Yes, he is doing perfectly well now. As for breastfeeding, after seeing how it worked wonders for him, I didn't have the heart to stop.

  4. Ohhhhh my goodness �� I have tears in my eyes Khyati. His would scared the shit out of me and I would have really lost my mind. You are so so so brave Mama ❤️ I am so so glad that your miracle baby is with you and that’s what is important.

    I know you feel a lot of pain thinking about it. But every experience is something we learn from. And she his experience must have made you strong.

    Thank God, you were both safe and everything got better ❤️

    1. Thank you so much Veena, your words do mean a lot to me. It was super scary, but we had to be strong - we couldn't have let the fear show.


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